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***The Official DTB Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread***

Discussion in 'Rangers FC News and Chat' started by hudda daddeh, May 15, 2017.


    HURLOK DTB Pub Team

    Mar 7, 2017
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    Lol.I know the auld yin that tried to grab the ball thief.
  2. bigbluenose

    bigbluenose DTB First Team Regular

    Nov 10, 2010
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    No proof
    it was mentioned on the phone in by Alex rae that it happens all the time.
    Players who are unhappy try and under mine the manager
    Negative stories reach the press its his opinion thats what happened
  3. Bolton Bear

    Bolton Bear DTB Trialist

    May 7, 2017
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    --- Double Post Merged ---
    Some really good points raised here mate - I'm new to this site and was wondering when someone would comment on the current style/tactics compared to those of the previous manager. The game under Warburton was better to watch and was properly structured - Murty added a bit of directness, and it looked as though folks were getting what they wanted. Tidy football, more activity up top and less fannying around at the back. Now it's kick and rush. The players abilities are called into question and they're definitely not up to the standard of yesteryear, but I reckon any half decent coach would have had them finishing second this term. Hopefully the experience given to the young lads recently will pay off, Pedro will turn out to be a coaching genius.........and Murty will stick around, just in case he's needed!
  4. Eckhailitchenko

    Eckhailitchenko DTB First Team Sub

    May 18, 2016
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    I was hoping that he's screwing around with formations, tactics and lineups to see just what he has in the deck he's been handed and to determine who stays and who he try's to get rid off. Strange that Toral is playing given that he'll be gone though. Maybe he has a starter lined up similar to him for next season so that's why he's been using him.
    He needs to just answer presser questions and not elaborate or wax lyrical as that's when he gets into trouble.
    Still think there's a good chance that Rodgers will be off down south next season so it could be a totally different ball game.

    QUOTE="bigbluenose, post: 1003777, member: 3669"]The problem might be pedro told them weeks ago who is staying and who is going.
    The negative leaks to the press are coming from the unwanted players.

    Moh forester ect have been taken away from the first team.
    The unwanted players have downed tools maybe this is why pedro is selecting the players and tactics round what he has left that he trust's
    Probably why so many kids playing at the moment[/QUOTE]
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  5. Steinberger

    Steinberger DTB Reserve Regular

    Feb 7, 2017
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    Got to agree with except I found Warburton's tactics quite boring, naive and a bit too regimented. Anyone can pass a ball around but go nowhere.

    Murty started off poor, which was to be expected but ended with two games where I agree, he seemed to take some of the possession play of Warburton and add what was missing - more directness and mixing things up. The ban on long balls and crosses were lifted, and a lot of movement injected into the team on top of a more balanced formation.

    However, it was only two games and so it's hard to judge if it was all down to him.

    I agree the football looks dreadful now and I can't imagine the players are doing half of what Pedro is asking as what we see surely can't be the plan. But then his job is to communicate his tactics and he seems to be struggling there, which is very worrying.

    I also agree that he's mixing things up a lot to see what he has, and with all the uncertainty, players always seem to lose motivation and play crap at times like this.

    You just have to look at the results when the threat of admin came up, then actual admin, then the introduction of Llambias, and subsequent resignation of McCoist, and then the resignation of Warburton. There is a massive correlation of bad results and these type of events.

    So I really doubt we're seeing the real deal from Pedro.

    There is no doubt that whomever you employ as a manager, you need to give them a summer transfer window and then at least half a season before you can really start to judge.
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    WL.GER4EVER DTB First Team Regular

    Feb 28, 2014
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    It would have been nice to win ,and to lose our long unbeaten record to them was really disappointing , but we are really now at the stage that we just want the season to end .We are down to the bare bones of a squad due to injuries and players who the new manager doesn`t want .There is no point in rushing guys like Wallace back so we are playing youngsters and guys who were out of favour for months .We have demanded some of he youngsters get a chance and we now have seen a few .Bates looks as if he could be really solid , young Wilson looked composed and Beerman looked as if he had recovered from his nightmare against the scum, so it was good but we would never have dreamed of playing all three together in an important game .Barjonas also looked composed and tidy on the ball and the fact he is picked in a midfield crisis before Halliday tells us all something.We may lose to Saints as well but we`ll just have to suck it up I`m afraid .
    Incidentally , did anyone notice McInnes` instructions to Stockley before he went on, he was making backing in , elbows up gestures so it was good to see the brainless prat follow his managers instructions .
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