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A Match-Day Tour Of Craigton Cemetery Saturday 19th August 12pm.

Discussion in 'Rangers FC News and Chat' started by The Gallant Pioneer., Aug 13, 2017 at 5:49 PM.

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    Over the last three years while working on the Rangers Graves Project we’ve restored, among many others,eight plots at Craigton Cemetery.

    Manager Mr.Struth
    Founder Peter McNeil
    Trainer James Wilson
    Player James ‘’Tuck’’McIntyre

    Players from the 1877 Team:
    Sam Ricketts
    James Watt
    Sandy Marshall.

    Supporter George Nelson who lost his life in the 1961 accident at Ibrox Stadium.

    Craigton Cemetery is 5 minutes from Ibrox Stadium and we’d like to offer this guided Tour of the final resting places to any supporters who find themselves in the area before the Hearts game this coming Saturday 19th August,it will take no longer than one hour.

    Many supporters clubs from Northern Ireland arrive at Ibrox around 12pm, would this Tour appeal to any of your members?

    There is no fee for the Tour although donations to The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project will be received with thanks.

    To allow you to plan in advance, and If the demand is there, we will also look at another Tour on:

    Saturday 9th September v Dundee

    If you’d like to join us on the day, get an insight into the Restoration Project and pay your respects to those men who formed and built our Club then please send an email to thefounderstrail@gmail.com or call 0790 2855536.


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